BLUE- Official Cover Blurb and Book Description

BOOKMOCK_BACKThe demand was growing too quickly.

The beliefs of healers convinced of their supernatural medicinal properties fueled a thriving black market for the most grisly commodity to obtain–

the body parts of the colorless people.

After the murder and maiming of countless people afflicted with Albinism, the South African government realized that they had no choice but to intervene. Out of the desire to provide protection to even the poorest of the afflicted people, the Humane Harvest Compounds were established.

Fifteen years later, in a rapidly-changing post-Apartheid nation, two young women find themselves face-to-face with the walls that have surrounded them for as long as they can remember.

Anytha (a bright, college-bound, young thinker) begins second-guessing her loyalty to her family’s life-long faith–the Practice of Blue–a thriving new religion whose doctrine is based on the “Law of the Land.”

Tabitha, (a sweet, quiet, conspiracy theorist with Albinism who was sold to the Humane Harvest Compounds as a baby) finds herself dreaming about an unharvested life outside of the concrete walls.

Though they are living two completely different lives, Anytha and Tabitha are both found questioning the motives of those in power–setting their minds to look beyond their spotless reputations, good deeds, and popularity–unaware that what they discover may make them question everything that they believe about life itself.


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