But As For Me (I Choose Love)

As for me, I’ve spoken.

As for me, I’ve tried.

But as for me, I’m broken. 

As for me, I’m tired.
As for me, I sometimes worry

If I’ve really done enough

If I’ve really said all I could say

To show the world my Love
The world is mostly only broken

Their hearts feel mostly pain

But as for me I’m filled with hope

That Love will rise again 
As for me, I’ll stand upon this truth:

That Love’s the only way

To see this broken world find peace

And refuge from her pain
As for me, I’m choosing hope

For me, I will believe

That if I live my life to Love

That hearts will find reprieve
When all the pain is swirling fast

When events just don’t make sense
I choose to believe I’m not too small 
To make a difference
I will not choose to look away
To turn blind-eyes to pain

Instead I’ll choose to look for Love

And pray you’ll do the same
At times I feel I can’t do much

When the world seems so messed up

But as for me, I choose to Love

And believe that that’s enough


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